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  • Lois Vanessa Erhart


It was being around birthing sheep as a little girl that first inspired me to become a midwife. Similar to pregnant women, they need a healthy amount of care and respect during their pregancies, births and postpartum. Yes, even sheep can struggle to breastfeed at first!

I have been assisting births in a natural setting since 2017.

Before that I completed my training in Germany in a big Level 1 hospital, which basically means that it can provide for all families and babies, even those in serious situations.

SO i've been in every birthing environment! Birthing wards, c-section rooms, birthing centers and homebirth. I've also cared for mothers in special mother and child psychiatric wards and supported them with their babies postpartum.

There is nothing more rewarding than meeting a mother or family at the beginning of their pregancy when there are mixed feelings, hope, fear, sadness, uncertainty or joy. I am happy to accompany them through their pregancy, however long it may be.

Whether women are pregant with the child theyve been dreaming of for years or perhaps unplanned and unsure, its always a pleasure to be by their side.

Giving courses is one of my favorite parts of being a midwife. I can share important information, debunk any myths and hopefully settle any fears whilst also sharing my love and adoration for this amazing journey you are all on.

Postpartum care is so important and I really believe that a good start- and no that doesn't mean an easy start, is very important in encouraging self esteem in all family members so that they can work together as a team in the years to come.

I gave birth to my daughter in 2021 and my son in 2023 so a lot of the topics are still very fresh for me as a mother! Hopefully you will find any personal stories I share both comforting and informative.

Like many of you I am also an expat! And although I have been living and working in Germany since 2011 I still feel very much like a born and bred Scottish Girl.


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